pharmaceutical consulting services

Pharma consulting services

Suingora Consulting LLP offers comprehensive expert advisory services to Pharmaceutical companies from India and overseas.

pharma consulting services

Suingora’s team of senior consultants with over three decades of successful experience in varied fields in globally respected international pharmaceutical companies from US, Europe and India, deep understanding of market realities and regulatory challenges in India and overseas markets can provide strategic and/or operational guidance to Pharmaceutical companies to achieve their aspirations for growth and profitability.

Suingora with its extensive network of experienced professionals in India and overseas can provide guidance and support especially in the following corporate matters,
1. Creation of Strategic and time bound operational plans
2. Identification, evaluation and charting out inorganic growth options
3. Restructuring & post merger integration
4. Cost optimization in formulation and API operations including supply chain management

Commercial Services

In Commercial areas Suingora can help in,
1. Market specific launch plans for establishing a global footprint
2. Establishing market specific distribution channels
3. Building a portfolio specific to emerging markets like India, Africa, ASEAN, Eastern Europe, Russia as well as advanced markets in US & Europe
4. Management of mature brands
5. Market research.

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pharmaceutical commercial services

Supply Chain management

In Supply Chain management Suingora can provide expert guidance in Strategic sourcing of APIs & Intermediates and vendor development for contract manufacturing.

Research & Development

In R&D Suingora can help in new product development and product validation, regulatory filings globally, clinical trial design, protocol preparation, approval and monitoring of clinical trials in India. It can also facilitate regulatory approvals in India for Rx as well as for OTC products.

Pharma consultancy services

The founding partners, whose individual biodata are given on the website separately, have a strong commitment to Integrity, Quality and Excellence and work with their clients to achieve the client’s goals with full compliance and strict adherence to the highest ethical standards in a time bound fashion.

We live upto our stated motto "EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE, EXCELLENCE" in all our consulting engagements.


Setting strategies for growth through restructuring, efficiency enhancements and scaling up of operations.


Using hands-on past experience along with market research capability, can lead companies successfully to potentially viable markets .

R & D

Provides intellectual property and regulatory guidance to create a sustainable, compliant model to create value.

Talent Management

Helps to develop a human resource base that can meet the technical and managerial need of expanding business goals.

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