Laying Foundation for a Cost Effective Start Up R&D Facility


Innovation in science has been a core strength of our country in the past. While we lost out on this core strength over the past many decades, it seems to be returning through the entrepreneurial effort of the current generation. The start-ups in the area of pharma and bio-sciences are making significant efforts in this regard of late.

The young entrepreneurs are bringing a host of new ideas, products, processes for development into commercially viable businesses. However, they will benefit from the experience of industry veterans who can guide them in the following a path of conducting their research and development in a cost and time effective manner that can play a crucial role in bringing viability to their business proposal. It requires a good deal of planning to take advantage of the low-cost infrastructure that India has to offer and apply it to a cost effective R&D services process. With the multitudes of chemical and laboratory facilities established across the country, start-ups can save themselves from the hassle of investing large sums in the pre-commercial stage of product development.

The skill here lies in being able to identify the facilities that provide superior quality results and spare any compromise. Quality has various facets especially in the pharm space. Its not just the equipment, but more importantly the processes one follows, the records one keeps and the people practices one applies on a consistent basis. The spotlight should certainly be on integrity which canst and up to the ultimate test of scrutiny in later stages when the processes would need to pass the regulators’ test, not only in India but in the advanced countries as well.

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