Author: Ranjan Chakravarti

Management Consultant and Practicing Executive live coach passionately committed to helping aspiring professionals maximize their professional and personal potential, focussed on developing leadership capabilities, team building, communication and time management skills. Working experience with senior managers in local and international companies and also with leaders in international NGOs.

Creating Self Reliance in Bulk Drugs in Response To Covid-19

Creating Self Reliance in Bulk Drugs in Response to Covid-19

The current adverse environment in China has exposed the vulnerability of Indian Pharmaceutical industry for its excessive reliance on China not only for its domestic market but beyond to export markets. The first immediate priority for the industry,…

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Supply Chain Priorities in Response To Covid-19

Supply Chain Priorities in Response to Covid-19

Covid-19 will pose one of the biggest corporate challenges in recent decades. But effective and rapid response can shape the recovery and beyond. This can help teams avoid getting worn out by the all round crisis and instead…

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Growing Your Business After COVID-19

Grow Your Business After COVID-19

Focus at present is on the Corona pandemic and rightly all efforts of the government and non-governmental organizations are directed towards containing the spread of infection. Companies all over the world are in a crisis mode with little…

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